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Attorney Bryant J. McFadden

Attorney Bryant J. McFadden is quickly building a reputation as one of the most technically superior divorce and family practice lawyers in the State. McFadden also practices in the area of criminal defense, and it is likely the experience he gained in that environment has prepared him for the success he has had in divorce and family law.

McFadden began his law career handling state appointments in criminal matters in cases which other lawyers either could not, or would not, take on. He developed the ability to cut through the myriad of obstacles that his clients faced in the Kenosha and Racine criminal justice systems and obtain results that served his client’s best interests. The sheer volume of cases that McFadden handled during his time working these matters gave him courtroom experience that many lawyers wouldn’t obtain in years of practice. He has successfully handled matters ranging from municipal OWI and traffic matters to felony drug charges and firearms charges.

As McFadden’s practice evolved into Divorce and Family Law, he quickly discovered that the same skill set necessary for success in criminal defense could be utilized in representing clients in family court cases. His successful approach to dealing with these matters involves making his client aware of the entire process so that they know what to expect. Bryant recognizes that the emotions inherent in divorce, custody and post judgment cases need to be properly managed to obtain the best results for his clients. Utilizing his expertise, his handling of post-judgment matters in one of the most high-profile divorce cases in Waukesha County helped bring a resolution to a three year long battle over post judgment issues. In addition to basic divorces, he has successfully handled Domestic Abuse restraining orders, custody, placement, child support, property division and maintenance, along with the entire range of post judgment issues.

Since leaving Kenosha County and joining Gatzke Law, McFadden has represented clients in a wide range of criminal and quasi-criminal matters. He has successfully defended clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges. Through hard work and dedication, McFadden will take on the tough cases.

McFadden has also put his undergraduate degree in business and his International Business Certification to use in handling a number of corporate litigation cases and has worked alongside Attorney Gatzke in managing collection matters for several of Gatzke Law’s corporate clients.

McFadden was born and raised in New Berlin and is a lifelong Wisconsin resident. He currently resides in Milwaukee. McFadden obtained his undergraduate degree from the Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (Business Administration with an International Business Certificate) and his law degree from Marquette Law. While in law school, Bryant was inducted into the Pro Bono Society in honor of his exemplary dedication to volunteer work.